Sunday, December 8, 2013

Here's One Way To Convert A Truck Into A Stylish Solar Powered Home On Wheels. As Long As You've Got A Quarter Of A Million Bucks...

Joseph Tayyar had a dream. As many people do.
And he had enough money to indulge his every whim. As most people don't.
And many people these days believe success with anything is not what you have but what you can enjoy living without.
But Joseph's dream was to convert this 11.5 metre truck into a stylish and convenient motor home powered by a massive solar array.
The walls on this mobile home are massive too. An incredible seven inches thick.
I can't imagine why.
I don't find the exterior particularly appealing but everyone has their own opinion on what's attractive. And Joseph likes it and that's all that matters. There's more about his housetruck here. Joseph also likes the idea of a large group of motorhomes gathering together to form a vast village on wheels...

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  1. I'd love do make a solar powered RV. I might even scrape up a few thousand dollars to make it happen, not being a rich person.

  2. Wow!....if I had something like that I'd want to be buried in it!.

  3. balance, and proportion: the most difficult goals...
    If I want to move my ass, do I have to bring my own tennis court with me too?

  4. I have no problem with it except for the aesthetics of the exterior. If you want to run a large fridge, a ceiling fan and a sizeable computer system off the grid, as Mr. Rayyar evidently does, then lots of solar panels are a rational choice. The interior's pleasant enough, rather like nice big yacht. But if you form a community of such vehicles, I imagine its quality is apt to be injured by their ugliness. Shared or public spaces should be pleasant. Personally I prefer the romance and charm of a gypsy wagon, or of a hippie-style liveaboard school bus. Also, really huge vehicles can feel bit too much like the Saudi Vogon lander, a despotic presence.

  5. Joseph is the Donald Trump of the housetrucker set but he didn't tell us. Of course, he didn't have to because we're so smart we figured it out all by ourselves.

    1. Take it easy Suzy, take it easy. I'm sure Joseph is a lovely person and isn't anything at all like The Don. Look at his hair style for starters...

  6. Big bucks =Big Egos.Little bucks =injunuity.

  7. OK, Keith, maybe I was a little too harsh. I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. Someone with such a nice nose can't be all bad. If he has the money why shouldn't he have the home he feels comfy in?

  8. If I had big bucks, I am fairly certain I could have found a more welcoming exterior--or hired someone who could. It looks cold & utilitarian--like what we southerners call, "a big ole' bread truck".

  9. There are vast villages on wheels in the USA, Quartzite Arizona and Burning Man. They come and then they go...

  10. If you have money and a lot of valuables inside it is wiser to be stealthy than to flaunt it. Besides that he might not want to be a "roadside attraction". Plain white wrapper makes perfect sense to me.

  11. Personally I'd have trouble coming up with one one hundredth of that sum. But in the larger scheme of things, a quarter mil really isn't all that much for a home where a guy might well spend the rest of his life. A modest condo in Silicon Valley costs easily US $450,000, and I'm not talking about a luxury suite but a smallish place with crappy plastic plumbing that breaks down after a few years and causes major problems for residents (and of course mortgage makes it much more expensive in reality.) A new city bus of those dimensions can cost about $750,000, while providing no amenities for passengers other than slow unpleasant transportation and really sore butts. So while this gent may be rich by RV'er or liveaboard standards, he's no Trump. Moreover Trump is a MAJOR asshole, on a par with Simon Cowell, one of the most despicable creeps on the planet, and I know of no reason to suspect Mr. Tayyar of such awful character just because he has more money than I do.