Monday, December 9, 2013

Charles Miller's Unique Little 1929 Model T Motorhome...

Charles Miller found the lure of the open road and his unexplored country to much to resist way back in the late 1920's and after building his own mortgage free tiny house on wheels, spent quite a while visiting every state in the US.
A very unique little Model T Ford, it even has a patch of lawn on either side. All that seems to be missing is a mailbox and a picket fence...

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  1. If he had a mail box, the mailman would be constantly chasing after him to deliver the mail. He would have to have an ever changing address. . .

  2. The last year for Model Ts was 1927, maybe he made the house in 29. Anyway those T trucks had a worm drive rear end and top speed wasn't much but it could go anywhere that it could get traction. It probably wouldn't go much more than 25 with that load. He did a great job on building it.

    1. Thanks for that SF. Attention to detail. You may well be right even though my source for the story does say it's a 1929 Model T. Maybe they meant as you suggest, that he built it in 1929...

  3. Hi Keith,

    I think this Model T is earlier as the Model A started in 1927 and ran till 1930...I think.
    I had a Model A Truck 1927
    Cheers & Ciao

  4. and I thought tiny homes were an invention of the 21st century.