Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Steely Cottage. It Has Everything That's Needed And Nothing That Isn't...

Everything that's needed and nothing that's not. That's the philosophical approach Ben Bartwell took when planning and building his tiny two hundred square foot house on a flatbed trailer.
There's more to know about The Steely Cottage here but it's a house designed and built for self sufficient living.
The little house is totally off grid and is complete with a composting toilet, a do-it-yourself pressurised water system and a vacuum tube solar water heater.
When the weather's cold there's a wood stove but evidently the house is naturally warm due to the passive solar build.
But the thing I like most is the recycled Corten sheets that've been used to clad the house and are already rusting to wonderful autumnal tones. They'll be pretty much maintenance free for ever.
And forever is quite a long time...

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