Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christopher And Merete's Tiny Rustic Home On Wheels In Denver Colorado...

Inspired by Tiny Home Blog, Tumbleweed, Lloyd Kahn's Shelter Publications, Deek's Relaxshacks, Tiny House Living, Tiny House Swoon, Tiny Tack House and all the others offering wonderful ideas and advice, Christopher and Merete took up the challenge of designing and building their very own tiny home.
And now, a hundred miles southwest of Denver and fifteen minutes down a gravel road just outside Hartsel their cosy, efficient and mortgage free 127 square foot house is their delightful little home on wheels.
There's more good stuff about it here.
I especially like the look of all that rustic wood and the solar panel array on wheels, a brilliant and proven idea to track the sun and get the optimum energy from the panels.
Congratulations Chris and Merete.
You had the dream and turned it into reality...

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  1. This is so great - but where would we put the kids

  2. Whenever I mention tiny homes on wheels here in Hungary people double over laughing as if they had spent all of their days in a palace. Well, I fail to see the humour in living off the grid in a beautiful home that frees you from the death-trap of MORTgage, Gotta change my vitamin C source from lemons to ? I must be turning to a sour old lady.

  3. Suzy, Mike Reynolds inventor of Earthships has observed that it's in countries where people are really poor and desperate that they tend to be open to adaptive alternatives that offer independence from the grid.

    I've noticed that whenever I mention the possibility of living aboard or on a caravan, folks get really defensive, as if the idea of somebody else living unconventionally were somehow a threat to them.

    I prefer oranges myself. Have you tried simmering a chopped lemon in hot fresh water? It's said to be very cleansing to the system.

  4. good for them, doing not just talking!

  5. have you seen this one in Aukland? http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/9649692/Tiny-home-a-true-mansion