Friday, November 29, 2013

Warren Potts Explores The Road Less Travelled With His Horse, His Dog And His Very Beautiful Tiny Home On Wheels...

Warren Potts is a man who walks to the beat of a different drum. A quiet gentle soul, he explores the road less travelled with his horse, his Husky dog called Diesel and his tiny house on wheels.
Warren is an artist, a craftsman, a sculptor, a horse whisperer, thinker, philosopher and most importantly, a free spirit.
His horse Samen Nandor who travels in a horse float towed behind Warrens little truck, was named for the stud Samen and Nandor, the man who owned the local dairy.
Warren is also a perfectionist and his beautiful little home on wheels is testament to his skills.
You might be lucky enough to meet him on your road one day...

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  1. that, I love. What is the shiny thig under the countertop?

  2. Now that's living and not just existing!

  3. Yep, these gypsy-fashion wagons are my faves. I like 'em better than tiny homes - more style and romance.


  4. Where is Diesel? Love this!

  5. What does the horse trailer look like? What experiences have you had since adopting Samen?

    1. Hopefully Lacie, I'll be able to show you what the horse trailer looks like next time I see Warren and perhaps some stories of Warren and his horse on this road less travelled...