Saturday, November 23, 2013

John's Tiny House Is In A Bush. On A Beach Somewhere...

John is another of life's colourful characters
I've been lucky to meet up with recently.
He's literally been going bush for a long long time, living a life most of us just couldn't imagine.
I won't let on where his home is but the bush
you see here is it.
Very few know his little house exists and certainly the local authorities don't.
Not surprisingly he's created a livable interior from discarded bits and pieces he's found at the local dump.
John's a longtime fisherman, itinerant, raconteur and wonderfully amusing character.
Another man happy having plenty of nothing.
It's been a delight to have been in his company...

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  1. Well, I hope the "authorities" never find out! Let him in peace, to live his life free. Precious few do.

  2. I bet he'd be an interesting fellow!

  3. What? We don't get to see the interior of the bush? Does he at least have Internet??

  4. Now I feel my life has too much stuff. . .

  5. Inside photos!!! I am facinated.

  6. I tried that once, I heard strange snuff-lings in the night and never slept a wink...I'm just not born to be a bush baby!.