Saturday, November 2, 2013

Maid Of Dreams. The Head Turning Gorgeous 1951 Bedford Gypsy Housetruck And Shining Star Of The 2013 Bedford New Zealand Rally...

Maid of Dreams is a stunningly gorgeous 1951 Bedford Housetruck of the headturning variety.
She was without doubt the star attraction at the 2013 Bedford New Zealand Rally held over Labour Weekend at Lance Cryer's Bedford Heaven near the town of Thames.
Kimbo Davey, now deceased, housetrucker and lovable rogue from way back when, named the housetruck in the late 1980's.
Robbie and Jill Romain have owned this wonderful Gypsy Housetruck for the last twenty years, many of those spent with New Zealand's Gypsy Fair that would work the whole country for up to thirty six weeks a year.
Robbie and Jill managed the fair which in it's heyday had over forty housetrucking families making and selling their wares as they circuited the country presenting possible and affordable dreams to all who thronged to meet the wonderful free living, free spirited, gaily attired gypsies and bohemians.
Those were the days my friends...

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  1. Adream come true. That's wonderful!!!

  2. OMG that's fabulous! Better than a Pullman carriage. I can has? I wanna be a free living free spirited gypsy bohemian!

  3. Can there be anything more wonderful than living a life of freedom in a beautiful house on wheels with the one you love? Isn't this what we all want?

  4. Nothing beats "The Flying Tortoise" IMO.

  5. Maid of dreams...what a great name! and how true.

  6. wow! I love it! We are trying to build something similar.

  7. She's beautiful and I've just discovered she is for sale! Sadly out of my price range but I hope she goes to someone who falls in love with her.

  8. I guess it got sold, who owns it now?

    1. No it's not sold Leigh-Anne, I was talking to Jill and Rob the other day and it's going on the market again. Email me and I'll give you their contact details if you wish...