Friday, November 22, 2013

The World's First Ever Siting Of A Flying Dog. On New Zealand's East Cape...

It happened a few days ago at Opotiki Beach on New Zealand's famous East Cape.
Not a lot happens generally in Opotiki but this siting of this Flying Dog has certainly put it on the world stage or should that be runway.
Hamilton based biomedical student Megan Whiteley thought she was seeing things as she snapped this little dog with enormous wings.
It was all an amazing trick of perspective she says. The dog was obsessed with chasing seagulls and I zoomed in as it ran up to a sitting bird. I managed to fluke a perfectly timed photo just as the bird took off.
It's all in the timing.
The Flying Tortoise is due to touch down on the East Cape in the next few weeks...
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  1. You have to be in the right place at the right time to get a picture like that. Love it!!

  2. What a great shot! In life, timing is everything. Isn't it?

  3. You never know what you might see round the East Cape. I'm sure there are all sorts of adventures round that beautiful part of New Zealand.

  4. I just really like the name sounds like a place that should have flying dogs.

  5. Is any of the radiation from Japan drifted your way.Each day 300 tons of radioactive water is released Into ocean every day.It started doing that from day one.Are currents moving radiation your way.My son is in NZ on a trip he brought iodine with him and he told he is scared to go in water.

    1. We are free from the threat of radiation here in New Zealand
      I think your son will be perfectly safe.
      I presume he can swim.
      Tell him to go in the water and enjoy it...