Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Simple Stone And Driftwood Teepee With Stunning Sea Views In New Zealand's Nelson Region...

Many folk build all sorts of 'inhabitable' shelters along the coastline of New Zealand but one creative soul has been working hard to construct this wonderful driftwood and stone teepee on the appropriately named Boulder Bank near Nelson. 
Driftwood poles for are used for the main structural supports and framing and carefully placed stones complete the lovely organic exterior cladding.
The interior is described as minimalist.
And well ventilated...
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  1. this is wonderful. i would love to see the 'minimalist' interior

  2. Hope I'm not sleeping in that when a quake hits. Other than that, though, I like it.

    If you can stand me moaning about a topic I've whined about before, it sure looks to me like you've got a lot more freedom to do stuff in NZ than in allegedly free-spirited Califas. No WAY would you be allowed to build that on a beach here. Rangers and cops would be all over you, fining you and making you tear it down.

    What's more, I gather New Zealand's got really fantabulous natural beauty. But I've heard prices are very high there, lots of inflation. I'll just keep repeating that to myself. I've got to console myself somehow.

  3. as soon as my arm heals, i might think about some sort of teepee but that one would be way too hot here, i think. maybe.

  4. Love the concept but here in South Alabama, it would become a "sweat lodge" very quickly.

  5. I am interested to find my Tepee build on your blog. My name is Mike Baker and I have just finished the fourth generation Tepee yesterday at this spot on Nelson`s Boulder Bank at Snappers Point. If you are interested my current Cover and Profile pics on FB have sunset images of the current Tepee which is a significant development upon the version here, which is version 2. All the Best, Mikey Baker, Nelson, NZ Aotearoa