Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being Physically Fit In Moscow Can Get Commuters Free Subway Travel...

If you're fit enough to do thirty squats in front of these special monitors set up at Moscow's Metro terminals, you can get yourself free travel on the subway.
It appears that Russia is keen on keeping at least some of its citizens alive and while they mightn't be as fit as the national team competing in the Sochi Winter Olympics at least they'll be in good shape.
While Moscow may miss out on some rail fares it may actually be saving the state funded health system a lot of money.
Looks like a great idea and a lot of fun. Perhaps other countries will come up with similar innovative ideas to encourage their citizens to stay healthy... 

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  1. OMG my aching joints!! Think I'll stick to my mobility scooter!!

  2. Considering the typical clientele of public transportation in the U.S., it might be more appropriate to administer a mental fitness test. It would at least make the journey more enjoyable for the paying passengers.

    1. Haha Mr Snarkey, A mental fitness test to travel on the subways would be fun and make travel less crowded too I guess but could you get enough intelligent administrators to supervise the tests...

  3. The American transportation of the future is mobility scooters.Just go to Wall Mart.Stay fit Eat right.Love to see these at trafic lights.

  4. I think it's a great idea. Stores could have them at the door, can't get in unless you do your squats. Fast food chains, ice cream stores...the ideas are endless!

  5. Works fine if you're young and fit, but otherwise... It kinda discriminates against those with mobility issues. In the States, cities might get sued over injuries caused by attempting the feat. So why not intelligence tests instead? Duh, I dunno...

  6. This really is a great idea. These days any idea that might encourage fitness should be welcome. Check Metro Airport Taxi services also.

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