Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Beautiful Tiny Yakushima Takatsuka Lodge In Japan Is Made From Recycled Cardboard And Paper Tubes...

This beautiful tiny house that's built in the National Park of Japan's Yakushima Island is constructed using recycled cardboard
and paper tubes.
It's been designed by Shigeru Ban Architects who are famous for their use of reclaimed paper products in their projects.
There's more to know here.
The opaque cardboard and transparent paper tubes which allow the light to enter can easily be replaced when over time and the ravages of the harsh mountain environment, they become damaged.
The tiny house was built on existing foundations, left vacant by a dismantled cabin so the new structure didn't disturb the delicate
balance of nature... 

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  1. cardboard tubes are really strong - I used them once in some furniture- contraption, it worked many years without any problems.

  2. Looks a tad bit drafty...

    1. The strips of light you see coming in are the translucent paper tubes, not gaps in the tubes...

  3. I love his work. I saw it first hand when I visited the Christchurch Cathedral (New Zealand) recently. He is very creative.

  4. The staircase pic, reminds me of sheds you can buy at Home Depot/ Lowes.. we thought they'd make a great mother-n-law house. They'd be independent yet close enough to check on n help out. Great idea.