Friday, November 15, 2013

If You Have Trouble Seeing When You're Applying Your Eye Make-Up. These Glasses May Have Specs Appeal...

It's just another gimmick and another toy to keep in your already full handbag, and you don't really need them but. They're a great idea if you haven't got a magnifying mirror handy and you feel a regular touch up is the thing for you, then check out these Make-Up Glasses.
They may have specs appeal.
They come in different strengths and have only one lens that flips from one side to the other and doesn't get in the way.
I know I'm always smudging my eyeliner and wow do I make a mess of my mascara.
Let's not even mention my eyeshadow...

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  1. Just another new gadget out on the market. And while some people might think this is the best invention since sliced bread I think it's just another product to take money out of your pocket. But then, I guess I'm lucky to be a natural beauty even at 62 and not in need of any make-up at all.
    Oh yes, and I'm very modest too.

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    1. Only three pairs DD in colours to match my handbags...

  3. I purchased 2 prs of cheap readers from WMart, broke each in half & they work just like these---that I'll bet cost a lot! Of cours3, I'm a 76 yr old natural beauty like Suzy so I rarely use them!

  4. Right on, another way to spend money. I bet they break easily. Here in the United States we have this craziness called Black Friday. It is the day after Thanksgiving when stores kick of the holiday shopping season. Now, the stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day. There is a movement starting of people who will not shop on Thanksgiving Day, so we can keep this a true American holiday for all. We are supposed to be giving thanks for what we already have, not for buying more stuff we don't need. It's crazy here!!

  5. Not a NEW gadget--these were out with two nflid-down lenses when I was a kid. I'd love to find a pair on this side of the world. Can't get my mascara on!

  6. Actually I like the old ones with the lens that fold down. They wouldn't match a handbag but maybe shoes. Haven't put on mascara in 5 years and have no such inclination.

  7. Wonderful idea if you're short sighted... After all must have all the 'trimmings' in the right place. I must find some green ones... That's the colour of my latest handbag!

  8. You know they could actually be for people with poor eyesight to help them get their makeup ON! People who actually need glasses for everything else, but glasses get in the way.
    Not just for normal sighted people wanting to touch up and see close up...I meet lots of mature women 50,60+ who need these and I've just purchased some (elsewhere) to see if they do work for different strength eyes.