Monday, November 18, 2013

Keith Haring's 32,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle For Masochists Who Don't Live In Tiny Homes...

If you love doing jigsaws and think you're up to the challenge, then have a look at Keith Haring's 32,256 piece jigsaw puzzle Double Retrospect.
I found it over at Boing Boing.
It's not a jigsaw for people living in tiny homes.
You'll need a floor area or a table that's at least seventeen feet long and six feet wide.
The puzzle comes with it's own hand trolley which is good because it weighs 42 pounds.
What it doesn't come with is psychiatric counselling so you're on your own.
Good luck...

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  1. Wow Keith, this is just the thing I needed to embellish a corner of my living room. Love puzzles and I'm up to the challenge but I was really counting on the psychiatric support too. For what it probably costs that shouldn't be too much to ask.

  2. I love doing jig-saw puzzles but that one is ridiculous!! No way am I going to attempt one that size.

  3. The secret to the psychiatric issue is in that attractive brunette's right hand: a champagne flute. She's downed about 40 cases while constructing the puzzle.

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