Saturday, May 18, 2013

You Know You Want To. See What's Inside Other People's Refrigerators...

You know you want to.
You know you love to have a peek inside other people's refrigerators.
New York based photographer Stephanie de Rouge wanted to and has recently documented more than forty five folk and their refrigerators in her photo-series In Your Fridge. From Paris To New York.
You can see some more intimate secrets that some other fridges hold here.
Stephanie said she discovered some amazing worlds and I guess you would wouldn't you.
It would be a rather personal experience too, similar perhaps to looking through women's handbags, but that's another story.
For now though you might like to consider if there's any truth in the old saying,
We Are What We Eat...  

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  1. "We are what we eat". That is why my wife will not let me eat what I want. . .

  2. What I find the most interesting is that people are interested in other peoples fridge. I thought the poses and the rooms they were sitting in more interesting. Always something novel to ponder. Thx.