Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Like What Pope Francis Says...

I like Pope Francis and I like what he says.
And no, with a name like Levy, I'm not Catholic.
Again recently, Pope Francis has been denouncing the global financial system, blasting The Cult Of Money that he says is tyrannising the poor and turning humans into expendable consumer goods.
In his first major speech on the subject, Pope Francis demanded that financial and political leaders reform the global financial systems to make it more ethical and concerned for the common good.
He said Money Has To Serve, Not To Rule. 
Of course, making these statements to the world's leaders and policians is like expecting the deaf to hear.
Perhaps this Pope of the people will sell off some of the Vatican's vast worldwide wealth and distribute it to the poor.
I could love the man for that...
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  1. After the last Pope, my expectation were pretty low, but this one has said and done some good stuff. It must be like taking the helm of the Titanic at the last minute. Lots of inertia to overcome.

  2. A very interesting post. In theory I think the Pope is correct with his remarks about money in particular with regard to the poor. However, for me to believe a word he says, I would have to see him lead the way, in a very different way from how the Catholic church has treated it's Catholic poor in the past. Watch the movie 'Angela's Ashes' to see how the Irish Catholic poor were treated... Has anything changed? Last time I was in Ireland I was amazed at the control the Catholic church has over families and the 'No Contraception' stance resulting in family's producing children they can't afford. The same in African countries where Catholic authority rules, thousands of children are born and starve to death. So regarding the Pope I say... Mmmm... well let's see.

  3. He's a man that has actually livedhis faith, unlike most religious leaders.Very different than past popes. I like your idea about selling off some of its vast wealth to help the poor.