Monday, May 13, 2013

Georgia's Katskhi Pillar. Some Call It The Pillar Of Life. Others Call It The Stairway To Heaven...

In Central Georgia's Imereti region, about seven miles from the mining town of Chiatura, there's a very imposing 130 foot high rock pillar that's been venerated since ancient times.
In Pagan times the Katskhi Pillar was thought to represent a local fertility god.
It's since become a place of seclusion and asceticism. It's easy to see why.
The locals call it The Pillar Of Life.
Others call it The Stairway To Heaven.
There's a little church on top of this high limestone pillar and Father Maxim who's lived in the tiny structure for the last eighteen years says church attendance is low. Funny that.
The little church is being restored with the help of brave and strong volunteers who carry materials up the steep ladder.
Whose turn is it to put the milk bottles out tonight...

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  1. They must only get air mail (grin).

  2. I'd hate to be the milk man, or the refuse collector, or a cold caller, or the electrician / plumber / or a lady of the night !

    1. Haha. And I'd hate to be waiting for the milkman,the refuse collector, the electrician, the plumber or especially a lady of the night...

  3. I'd miss my long leisurely walks.

  4. WHOSE turn, not WHO'S turn :)
    Nice information, though.

    1. Hey there! I just got assigned to the Imereti Region by Teach and Learn with Georgia! Wonder if I'll have the guts to attend a service!