Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Gleaners' Kitchen. A Cafe In Boston Serving Up Free Food To Its Diners...

I applaud this concept and want to tell you, researching and writing this post made my day.
An inspiring man is Maximus Thaler.
It was he who had the idea of collecting food that had been thrown away, for all sorts of reasons, like past it's use by date or because restaurants and food shops couldn't or wouldn't sell it.
He and his team of helpers go Dumpster Diving behind grocery stores in Boston every night and often collect thousands of dollars worth of fresh and edible food.
To supply their Freegan Cafe.
Gleaners were originally poor peasants who picked up crops left in the fields after harvest. Gleaners believe where there's food there's waste and that waste they can and always have transformed into delicious food.
According to multiple independent studies, almost half of the food produced in the US is thrown away. Almost half of the food produced in the US is thrown away.
Maximus Thaler believes this is flagrantly disrespectful to the environment and to the millions of folk who can't afford healthy food.
As long as the food at his Gleaners Kitchen is given away and not sold, serving up the food is legal and there's nothing the many bureaucrats that live to enforce their many rules, can do.
There's more about this wonderful story here.
Maximus Thaler is my Man Of The Year...

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  1. Another absolutely fabulous post Keith - I've loved 99.9% of them but this is my favourite of all time at the moment!!.

  2. What a wonderful humanatarian thing to do. The 'past its use by date' food looks perfectly fresh and edible to me.
    Go Keith... A wonderful real life story.

  3. I'm doing gleaning myself when the cupboards and my wallet are empty. I dehydrated a bunch of mushrooms and peppers from my last score and froze lots of tomatoes. We had enough ghreens for salad for a week and made a wonderful stew with other vegetables we got.

  4. Man that makes me hungry . Great idea. Just trying not to think of the rubbish bin lol