Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Boxes. People In Mexico Live In Them...

Unbelievable but true.
These little boxes look more like kitset models and they all look the same. But I assure you. They're the real thing.
When photographer Oscar Ruiz was working as a helicopter pilot for a local Mexican radio station, he was required to fly around Mexico City chasing news stories.
He remembers flying up the highway that connects Mexico City with Puebla and this immense housing development
caught his attention.
It's the San Buenaventura Complex, located in Ixtapaluca on the eastern outskirts
of Mexico City.
This image of his featured on National Geographic's Photo Of The Day recently...
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  1. And some people live in tin cans, but they are on wheels (grin).

  2. Nope sorry..looks like a model to me complete with matchbox cars and things!.

  3. Go look at them on Google. No two alike. The model is not the terrain.

  4. I was interested in Susannah's comment... So Googled San Buenaventura Complex and found it is a university accommodation complex with 5 different villages, a sports stadium, cafe and close to the Pacific Ocean.
    Have a look on the link.
    Clever photography though.