Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amazing Highways Of The World...

These highways and more that you might like to check out here are touted as being the twenty one roads to drive before you die.
Well some of them you may not even survive due to the excitement factor.
They are from the top.
Seven Mile Bridge, Florida.
Sani Pass, Natal Province, South Africa.
Transfagarasan Road, Romania.
Guoliang Tunnel, China.
Stelvio Pass, Italy.
Tianman Mountain Road, Hunan, China.
Atlantic Road, Norway.
Furkapass Route, Switzerland.
If you're traveling on any of these roads, watch out for The Flying Tortoise.
Don't forget to toot your horn as you go past...

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  1. I can check off the 7 mile bridge in Florida. Did that a bunch of times, but the most interesting was in gale force winds, in a small car, with a canoe on the roof.

  2. Who needs bridges, passes, tunnels, or, indeed, roads at all when one is traveling in a Tortoise that Flies?

  3. I've done the Sani pass 4 times on a BMW R800 GS (2 up)then a R1200 GS twice in a Isuzu trooper and had a couple of beers in the Sani top Pub the highest pub in Africa!