Thursday, May 16, 2013

A View On Windows 8...

For six years I lived very happily
in my tiny 76 square foot house on wheels with just one window.
I didn't need more than one window because a person can only look through one window at any one time.
That's a simplistic philosophical approach but it worked and I would move my little home to access the view I most desired.
Those were the days of a little Compaq laptop and very slow speeds.
Life online was sometimes frustrating, very frustrating, but it was simple too. And fun.
Then there's been many happy years with an Asus laptop and Windows XP.
A great platform to view the world.
And now there's another Asus laptop and Windows 8.
It maybe Microsoft's latest but even they concede it's not the greatest.
They've now seen the light or perhaps the writing on the wall and promised a total upgrade.
If it hadn't been for the wonderfully talented David Semb at the Vodafone store in Kerikeri and my other computer genius friend Harvey Jones, the last week would have been much more painful.
Akin to walking barefoot over broken glass.
But I can see clearly now...
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  1. I think a lot of Microsofts problems lay in trying to give as little as they can for free and putting everything that works reasonably well in a commercial package that they get paid for.

  2. I have not upgraded (or down graded depending on how you look at it) to Windows 8. Just curious, what is the main problem with it?

  3. Going from Windows XP to Windows 8 is a bit of a leap and trying to import Outlook Express which I've really liked is almost impossible. There's been other issues and you expect some when you change. I'm now operating Thunderbird as my email program and I'll get used to it.
    Fortunately my old laptop is still functioning and is now not only a backup laptop but a complete backup filing system. I use Picasa as my photo system and have over 30,000 images on it. I've been able to import all my folders to my new laptop.
    I think perhaps Microsoft was trying with Windows 8 to be all things to all people...
    I think I'm happy with it and I think I'll even be happier when I've got my head around the whole system. And we'll see what the upgrade brings...

  4. I have Windows 7 and am happy with that but I suppose Windows 8 is progress. From what I have seen of it, it seems to have been designed for touch screens but will work on all systems. I had a look at Windows 8 on a friend's laptop, she couldn't get her head around it and neither could I so with help Keith, you are doing well.
    I will be interested to see what difference the Microsoft upgrade will make.