Saturday, May 4, 2013

Extreme All Terrain Homes On Wheels To Take You Freedom Camping Anywhere On Earth...

When getting away from it all is a priority and you want to put a bit more adventure in your life.
Or put more life into your adventures,
When you think you've seen it all and want to experience something new, get yourself into a extreme all terrain vehicle, set it up as a really self sufficient home on wheels and get going to see a whole new world.
Just for the hell of it...

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  1. There are some serious rigs there. I'd hate to pay the fuel bill for them.

  2. Send me a couple. I like them.

  3. Amazing vehicles. I wonder what sort of license is needed to drive any of these.

  4. the 2nd one is photo-shopped..seen it all over the net..


    1. you are correct - i did it. i never thought it would end up so popular... i also did a 6 wheeled vw bus w/ ghost flames around the same time... can't find it anywhere though. dave - seattle WA

  5. This was fun to look through. Amazes me that even on the edge adventurers have such a creative side.