Friday, May 3, 2013

Attention All Passengers. Samoa Air Announces Their New Weigh To Fly...

The problem is not a new one.
Airlines need bums on seats to keep flying.
And not only do they need to get bums on seats, they need to be able to actually fit the bums into the seats.
Weight aloft is always a problem for the airline and size is a problem for the passenger.
Often it's more of a problem for the passenger who's trying to get their bum into the seat aongside.
Samoa Airlines have recently announced a new pay as you weigh policy and it's bound to raise the blood pressure of a lot of Samoans who are not, let's be fair, little people.
There's many fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants airlines that would do well to adopt this policy.
It'll be interesting to see what happens.
The ultimate user pays airline policy.
Whatever weight you bring on board including you and your luggage, you pay for.
Some airlines use the simple armrest test.
If a passenger's unable to lower the armrest because of their size, they're required to purchase another seat.
The Flying Tortoise has a seating policy too.
Passengers are required to bring their own...
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  1. I'd have to walk -or fly Tortoise Air.

  2. I like "the bring your own seat" policy. Works for me.