Saturday, May 25, 2013

Where Civilization Went Wrong...

Most days I go out and collect water and firewood but if I'd had to rely on my fishing prowess of late, I'd probably be very hungry.
Without attending to my most  fundamental needs I wouldn't feel as though I was truly living.
It's what our long ago ancestors did.
It's still there alive and well in my DNA and I still have the pragmatic and philosophical reasons to do the same.
For me, a day without doing something about getting back to basics wouldn't be worth living.
Another who feels similar is Sixbears In The Woods, a blogger, who with his lovely wife lives and writes about their alternative lifestyle and his philosophy on living.
He recently posted an astute, short and simple piece titled Where Civilization Went Wrong.
You can see it here...

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  1. Civilization has gone very wrong many times in its journey to where exactly?

    Research on pre European Maori has discovered an excellent workable model that if applied in a format using today's resources would see HUGE positive changes to the tattered social structures impacting on the culture today.

    "Civilized" methodologies came from another culture and changed forever a model that only needed development from the original cultural base.

  2. Working together to take care of life's basic needs. Yes.The social aspect and goals were simpler, richer and integrated into every aspect of life.
    Today social means recreational. Everything else is self centered. We don't live our lives together as a society. We live as individuals working around or next to each other.

  3. Thanks for the post. I always enjoy his comments and this is so simply and powerfully true.