Monday, May 20, 2013

Now It's So Easy To Assemble Your Own Stunningly Simple Sandwich Bike...

Inspired by IKEA and designed by Basten Leijh and Pieter Janseen at the Dutch design agency Bleijh about seven years ago, the concept has taken awhile to reach the marketplace.
The stunningly simple Sandwich Bike comes to you packed flat in a cardboard box.
The beautiful frame and components all assemble with one simple tool.
The unconventional Sandwich Bike's form is two pieces of pressed plywood, wonderfully suitable for this very user friendly product. The easy assembly makes it a lot of fun, the bike is sturdy, ecological sensible and evidently the ride is smooth.
There's more to like about it here and here...

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  1. I looked here and here and learned:-

    Back in 2006 the bike was supposed to be really cheap, and part of an aid program. Warren wrote:

    As we understand it, their idea is to craft a bike twice as cheap as standard models. This will allow the purchaser to basically buy two for the price of one. He/She keeps one, while another can be shipped to developing countries to provide much needed transport, such as enabling rural kids to cover long distances to school. Their vision being that a donation of mobility, unlike money, will not be subject to corruption.
    Maybe in 2006 but .....
    The price of a Sandwichbike starts at € 799,-.

    1. Thanks for that Liz. The original concept of passing one bike on was a good one but I don't think it'll work with this.
      While the bike is simple, it seems too sophisticated and certainly too pricey...

    2. yes, they do seem very pricey...
      especially when comparing the cost of donating a bike via
      Always a bit dubious about huge organisations & where the $ really goes- but it seems to be a decent project with good value. Took the gamble & donated in hopes some young gal now has a better life with wheels. Hmmm,they do look sturdy... didn't think to ask if I could do a "2 for" & get one for myself!

  2. Hmmm before I read the comments I was thinking - not too sure about this one!.