Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photographer Michael Wolf's 100x100 Series Shows People In Hong Kong Living In Very Tiny Spaces...

Photographer Michael Wolf  has featured here before with his series on Chinese Factory Workers And the Toys They Make and recently, with his Architecture Of Destiny images.
Some time ago he documented 100 occupants and their rooms measuring 100 square feet at Hong Kong's oldest public housing complex at Shek Kip Mei Estate.
The series is called 100x100 and you can see more of the series here.
Rather than complain that they only had 100 square feet, the folk he photographed and spoke with said they were happy to have so much space and such nice neighbours.
And that's basically all they needed.
A wonderful attitude.
Michael Wolf recommends viewing these images while you are in a similar sized room.
Just to see and feel how small an area it is...

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  1. This makes me sad. Its not like tiny homes on wheels or set on a patch of land. This is humans living in windows no space to see and think and move. It makes me so grateful for my little deck and tiny courtyard and windows!!!

  2. Be it ever so humble....needs must I guess.

  3. A place like this existed in NYC as recently as 3 years ago. Not sure if it's still there.