Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Todd And His Tiny House On Wheels...

I hadn't seen him for a while
but I caught up with Todd yesterday.
He's an interesting man. An artist and a surfer, he's lived in his tiny home on wheels for ten years with his dog Scoobi and a lot of large fish.
None of whom are called Wanda.
He carves fish for a living from New Zealand native timbers.
This wonderful Snapper is Pohutakawa.
Even though the carving is a long process, I think it's been quicker for him to carve them than it has for me to catch them...

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  1. I like it. It's based on what we call here a "cube truck."

    Saw one in FL that kept the look of a commercial vehicle so they could stealth camp in cities. When they parked at the beach, they hidden windows popped out and really nice wooden stairway folded down.

  2. Hi Keith,

    Is it legal or possible to Freedom Camp around the Kaitaia area? Is it legal to camp around the beach area near Kaitaia? Like maybe close to or above or below Ahipara? I am in Whangarei right now and want to take the bus up to Kaitaia to check the area out for permanent low cost living. I know there is a caravan park near Kaitaia somewhere, i might try staying there for a little while. I am riding a bicycle. I will bring the bicycle with me on the bus. Thanks.