Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Housetruck Shows How To Live Large In A Small Space...

Mike and Kay arrived at the Bedford Rally
in their very interesting Caboose styled
Bedford Housetruck.
It immediately had an audience of admirers
and we gathered around to watch the scenario unfold. Literally.
There were no smoke or mirrors, only some well designed and engineered features including gas struts to raise and lower the large outdoor deck area of 110 sq ft or 10 sq m.
The interior of The Caboose as the housetruck is called is 157 sq ft or 14 sq m giving a combined covered living area of 267 sq ft or 24 sq m.
Mike's late father John Hancock, an engineer, started the build on this 1981 TK Bedford with its lengthened flatbed in 1993 and by '95 it was complete and on the road.
These days it's often off the road being used as the family bach at a beautiful place called Papa Aroha meaning Land Of Love.
Or, when Mike and Kay have the urge for an adventure, somewhere else...

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  1. Impressive. Well thought out and executed.

  2. Really cool! The roof is interesting too.

  3. Are you certain that this isn't really one of those urban stealth tents?

  4. This is exactly what I have been engineering in my head, and you have done it!! Would you share the schematics/parts used to make the folding room? hydraulics? winches?
    I want this on my future rolling cabin.

    1. Hi Kathryn. I don't have detailed plans but it's done with cables and the two gas struts you can see.
      Simple really, no smoke and no mirrors...

  5. What about the inside?

    1. The interior is a private space and I didn't wish to intrude on that privacy...