Friday, October 12, 2012

For Italians, Gasoline At Nearly $10 A Gallon Is Not Funny...

It's a serious matter.
Treehugger reports that as the economic situation worsens in Europe, fuel for cars in Italy has soared to nearly $10 a gallon.
Nobody's laughing. Least of all the manufacturers of legendary brands of Italian cars like Fiat, Ferrari and Lamborghini as Italians vote with their feet on the pedals rather than the accelerators.
Last year the Italians bought 1,750,000 bicycles and 1,748,000 cars.
But the high fuel prices are meaning
that Italians are rediscovering cycling as one of lifes' simple joys.
And that's seriously worth smiling about...

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  1. Good on the Italians for voting with their feet on pedals... I love some of the old bikes that look like they have been resurrected out of the attic.

  2. Bikes are cheaper to opperate even though you still have to put fuel in the person who pedals. . .

  3. Here in lower NY (not the city), people are buying more scooter and motorcycles to get around in good weather and keeping their cars in the garage for bad weather days. Super smart.
    I'm hoping to invest in a scooter very soon to commute. :D
    The gas near me right now is between $4.06-4.29 a gallon for regular gas. Though this may seem so small in comparison to those enduring double that, I live on an intense shoe-string and the prices are torturous for me right now driving to work and school. I have no choice but to succumb to its grip for now. Ugh.