Sunday, October 28, 2012

Now You Can Freedom Camp In The Middle Of The City...

Here's some good news if freedom camping in a car park in the middle of the city is your idea of a great time.
And why wouldn't you want to.
Imagine the fun of it!
Freedom camping in a Stealth Tent.
Getting away from all those trees and green pastures and the wet cold sea water and that yucky golden sand and the sunshine that's so so bad for you.
Think of the fun you'll have with the asphalt under your bum, the fumes from the vehicles going past, the likelyhood of being run over by a bus or having your head butted by a car
parking next to you.
And getting out every hour or so and feeding the meter. And the road rage!
The thought of it all makes you glad to be alive.
And at night there's free food overflowing from the rubbish bins all around you.
I'm off to get a Stealth Car Tent...

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  1. The things people will do for a good wifi signal. :)

  2. I don't think that I would like camplng that way but since I have never tried it, who knows, maybe I would like it. I like to chat with people, so it may be fun; more people to talk to.

  3. Do they make them shaped like Bedfords??

  4. My people are talking to their people...