Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beautiful Design And Folk Art From Spain, Greece And Hungary...

A marvellous home in Mykonnos.
A beautiful apartment building in Barcelona.
And fabulous folk art in Kalocsa.
So much man made beauty in the world...

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  1. I am really sorry if the plastic Tupperware people have been less than understanding of your life choices. As someone who checks your blog everyday, because it is great, but horrors also owns a brand new motorhome I sometimes feel a little belittled. We Also want to see places we wouldnt Otherwise see, just drive away and see what happens. We too have a sense of adventure, please don!t generalise and be so judgmental, it really isn't who you are!

    1. Dear Anonymous.
      I think you may have meant to publish your comment on the post about the Bedford Rally at Bedford Heaven.
      Don't feel belittled. Know that a lot of my comments on plastic tupperware containers is said very tongue in cheek and with humour intended. Know too that Bedford owners are subjected to similar sorts of taunts. And that's fine too...