Monday, October 8, 2012

Special Delivery. Look At What The Stork Brought...

The old story about the stork bringing the baby is true. Photos don't lie do they.
In this day and age of instant gratification it's now possible for potential parents to go to and order up whatever sort of child they'd like at an age to suit.
Then the stork simply delivers a healthy boy or girl dressed in the latest fashionable baby clothes to the new adoring family.
There's a standard model baby that just has the usual fourteen day money back guarantee that can be sent back as long as the receipt is presented. And the product is undamaged with the original packaging intact.
Then there's the deluxe model that comes with a five, ten, fifteen or twenty year guarantee. So the parents get their money back if the child turnes into a delinquent. Optional extras include a one off payment allowing a special deal that takes the child from pre-school to university with guaranteed honours in its chosen field. Another option tithes a percentage of the child's earnings to keep the parents in a manner that they should have been accustomed to.
And you thought the story about the stork
was a fairy tale...

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