Saturday, October 6, 2012

Having Fun Fishing...

Success finally. It appears that rewards come to those who have the patience to persevere, and then some.
There are those who think that where there's water there's fish, but for awhile now I've been proving them wrong.
I'm at Uretiti Beach. Yes again.
I've been having fun but not much luck with my balloon/bag fishing but at last, now know the reasons why.
Everything's so simple in hindsight isn't it.
Especially after taking some good advice.
I've been wanting to show you the wonderful Fishing Rig that my friend Glen, the genius with aluminium, made for me.
It's got nearly two kilometres of line on it and at the end of the line is a large yellow balloon, I've shown it to you here before. In an offshore wind, the bag takes the line with a number of hooks out as far as you like.
You'll see it way out there just under the arrow.
Then, after a suitable time, you wind it back in.
If you're lucky, well, it's like all your birthdays coming at once...

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  1. Congratulations on the prize catch. Looks real nice and I bet it tastes great, too.

  2. Yum i could almost taste it .Placed in tin foil with pepper and lemon or orange juice cooked on your wee fire,you clever man

  3. So it wasnt just a fishy story afterall, great fish, congrats!