Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beautiful Bedford Housebuses And Housetrucks On Show...

Despite the gloomy weather forecast and the less than bright economic conditions, with recently increased road user charges acting as a deterrent to driving long distances, twenty five Bedfords brought their owners to Lance Cryer's Bedford Heaven for the fourth annual and very successful Bedford Rally.
Instead of the the wet and slippery ground conditions distracting from the weekend, it added to the fun as nearly all the buses required towing in or out of their parking areas.
There was plenty of sunshine though and the local Farmer's Market and other businesses benefited by us being there.
Saturday night the local Thames group, Ukes On Fire entertained everyone as they sat under the stars and around the fires.
The weekend was great fun for everyone.
You probably wish you were there...

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  1. Awwww - looks superb! I'm there next year with bells on!

  2. I do like the old Bedfords, never fashionable but always there somewhere in the world of my youth. I used to have a downhill racer cart (I think they call them soapbox racers now) as many of my mates did. They always pinched car badges to adorn theirs but I had a Bedford text badge I found on the road after it had fell off a van. I stuck that on my racer much to the amusement of my friends.
    I think that old cart could out run the vans on a downhill, but it never had the charm :o)
    Thanks for the post & the reminder of a few fond memories.

  3. Yes... The rally was lots of fun despite the mud and rain. Many thanks Keith for organising such a great gathering and weekend.