Sunday, October 14, 2012

Parklets. They're Coming To A Street Near You...

Parklets. They're small urban parks that once were a carpark or two and are now public spaces, created by providing seating, planters, grass and artworks.
They're usually sponsored or hosted by a business in near proximity for citizens to relax in and enjoy the atmosphere of their city.
The first Parklet was created in 2005 as an unofficial activist project by the San Francisco based Rebar Art and Design Studio. They simply kept feeding a parking meter, unrolled a large grass sod and placed a few chairs, tables and  planters around.
The simple idea whose time had come has taken off and now Parklets are reclaiming the streets...

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  1. Lovely until there's no parking to be found.

  2. I saw a couple in FL and didn't even realize they had a name. They made it up for the lost car parking by tearing down abandoned property and turning them into parking lots.

  3. I have to agree with Maria here, but still an ingenious idea! MicroParks for people to enjoy tiny bits of space!
    How come they cant put that theme up on the large sidewalks I wonder? There is still room for walking it seems.

  4. Ooooooh!
    These wee "parklets" are such a
    refreshing visual!
    Now, if everyone would just start going by public transport, electric scooters & bicycles, and share-ride in SmartCars when you need more.....the lack of parking spaces would be moot, yes? (!) :)