Friday, October 5, 2012

To Anonymous Comment Makers. This Is An Advertising Free Zone...

To the many comment makers who choose to go under the name of Anonymous, I thankyou for your comments and contributions to this blog.
All intelligent and humorous comments are welcome but I will not publish any comments with commercial content and web sites to visit offering goods and services.
Readers of this blog will never be subjected to any commercial or corporate advertising content.
The Flying Tortoise is an Advertising Free Zone and it will stay that way...
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  1. I don't want any adds on my blog, either.

  2. Thanks for that post Keith, I am getting lots of spam and will probably go to moderating comments. As you I am proud to have an advertising free blog. Keep up the good work, I check your blog out every day.

  3. I'll buy that....

    Mine is an ad-free site as well, but only because Boogle considers it to have insufficient content to post their adverts.