Monday, October 1, 2012

He Built A Beautiful Little Rustic Cabin In The Woods...

I was over at Kent Griswold's
Tiny House Blog. Another favourite site.
There was this wonderful but sad story about
a man and his dream.
How he finished school and in the summer of 1976, set off to the mountains of America's North Carolina.
To build a little log cabin.
Armed with a few books, some hand tools but no experience or skills, he set up a tent and got on with his appointed task.
He expected it to take six weeks.
He had the optimism of youth.
Six months later he hadn't finished the chimney or started on the roof.
He lived in this beautiful little cabin made from fieldstones and oak logs for fifteen years. It had no plumbing. He carried water from a local spring and heated it with wood he'd cut.
Sadly, for some reason he had the need to sell his little cabin and move to Ashville.
He misses his life in the woods more with each passing year...

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  1. Thats so sad to have to leave such a lifestyle, it looks so perfect house and landscape

  2. That cabin would make a great Holiday greeting card.

  3. A beautiful place and such a shame he had to leave, nice to see you too share an enthusiasm for Kent's blog. A fine place to spend a some time.