Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Beautiful Bedford Housebus...

It's nearly time for another laid-back Bedford Rally and again this year it'll take place at Lance Cryer's 'Bedford Heaven' at Puriri, just south of Thames on the Coromandel Peninsular.
Once again, Bedford owners will arrive from all corners of New Zealand for the opportunity to talk about and show off their Beddies.
And full-time housebusers Rudy and Els will be there in their wonderful and innovative 1965 Bedford SB3.
It's only eight metres long but every bit of space has been used wisely and creatively. There's a garage cum workshop down the rear that can hold a couple of motorcycles at least.
The rustic woodwork throughout the buses' interior is rich in flavour and texture as only natural wood can be.
Some delightful features include the popout dining area and the popout bedroom with those wonderful double doors opening up on whatever views are fancied.
Don't you wish you owned a Bedford...

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  1. I do own a Bedford... And I'm going to and looking forward to the rally. Can't wait to see this marvellous bus... And others.

  2. *Sighs*
    I don't suppose anyone's got a Star Trek Transporter Beam handy, do you? I'd love to visit your gathering! :)
    (USA, Colorado)

  3. Congratulation!!! It's à fantastic work!!

  4. We met the owner of this bus today and he invited us aboard to see the inside. It's beautiful and it all works smoothly and efficiently too. Long live the Bedford. Thank you Deman (spelling?)

  5. Just met Rudy and Els at Auckland Airport. Lovely couple. I like your work on the bus Rudy!