Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beautiful Bamboo Homes Built In Bali...

Ibuku is a design and build team creating beautiful living spaces that exist  harmoniously with nature.
They've just completed three new homes in the now well established Green Village on Bali's sacred Ayung River.
The homes they build, using traditional construction techniques are fully functional and everything, everything, including the furniture is made from bamboo.
The versatility of this building medium allows for a floating, playful and lightweight structure that connects with nature but doesn't disrupt it.
A bamboo shoot left to grow with very little attention, can grow sufficiently robust to be used as a structural element in as little as three years. And it can last forever.
And forever's quite a long time...

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  1. Booking a ticket immediately, or maybe two ...

  2. I had a lovely journey round your blog and the links today. Thank you.
    I love the bamboo and open designs. Oohh for a climate warm enough to live in an open house like that.

  3. Keith wow that is the most amazing style .I would love to live there .Idont usually envy anything ,but oh i do that

  4. Lovely homes. I would enjoy spending a night or two in one of them.

  5. Did you build them? Do you have the contact detals for those who did? Lovely Lovely

    1. Filafalimai, if you click on the words in the text that are highlighted in another colour, you'll be able to find the information you seek..