Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The World's Smallest Car On The Road Again...

The world's most miniscule cars, the Peel P50 and the Peel Trident are back on the road again.
Neither of the tiny cars that boast a 3.35 horsepower engine, capable of a speedy 28mph have been manufactured since 1966.
The slightly bigger Trident can fit two not very big people and the P50, only one.
Now the adorable little cars are back but with a monster of a price tag. 10,000 pounds in the UK and  $16,000 in the US.
And if you don't feel like driving or run out of fuel, you can take it for a walk...

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  1. Don't think it'll take off with the NZ car culture such as it is of 'bigger is better". But pigs might fly.

  2. I saw that Peel on Top Gear a few years back. Pretty cute (and funny) little car... had no idea they'd start making them again.

  3. You would need two, one for each foot. They are just motorized roller skates.