Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tiny Movable New Zealand Beach House On Sleds...

Steven at Tiny House Listings sent me this tiny beach house on sleds to share with you.
It had been on my list of houses to visit for some time. He got to it before I did.
They're innovative people on New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsular, still home to a few communes, hippies and alternative lifestylers I'm glad to say.
Being sited on an erosion zone, it's a building code requirement that all dwellings must be movable, out of harms way.
This wonderfully designed, completely self contained rustic holiday home for five can be towed anywhere on the beach or onto a barge and floated away if necessary.
And necessity is they say, the mother of invention...

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  1. WOW - love it - it appeals to all my senses of design and building and big plusses for heading off the army called Council who said " you can't do that" - Oh, look I can - enjoy.

  2. I REALLY love the look of that! It's beautiful ;D