Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Tiny 'Cricket' Camping Trailer...

Inspired apparently by the little Cricket,
the flying insect that is to many, an omnipresent symbol of the outdoors, Garrett Finney, a one time NASA engineer working on habitation modules for the International Space Centre designed his own towable version of a tiny traditional covered wagon.
The odd shape of this funky trailer is a result of designed engineering for the best aerodynamics. Evidently.
The interior uses innovative storage and space saving solutions to maximise the little space.
Simply add a roof rack to haul your gear.
Get wherever it is you wish to be,
live simply and have fun.
There's more to see here...
Thanks Richard Calvert  for the link...

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  1. I saw one of these at the dealership I bought my R-Pod travel trailer from. It's an innovative design and I liked it. but, it's a little too sparse on creature comforts form my spoiled self.

  2. Thanks for that Czardastx.
    Which city and country would that have been and did it appear value for money or expensive?
    Was it well made do you think?
    General impressions?

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