Friday, May 18, 2012

Farting Dinosaur May Have Caused Prehistoric Global Warming...

We know that today's cows are responsible
for producing staggering amounts of heat trapping methane gas which is, apparently, a major cause of climate change.
Now British scientists claim that Sauropod Dinosaurs with vegetarian diets that roamed the planet 150 million years ago, contributed simply by farting.
And the legacy lingers...

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  1. I thought I smelled something and all a long I have been blaming it on the wrong people.

  2. They should come around our house after a curry night....

  3. These dinosaurs have a remarkable resemblance to our politicians and all the political bullshit & hot air they fart. And all the time they've been wanting to tax the cows!

    1. The moral in every this case it's don't be an old fart.

  4. so it wasn't a giant meteor crashing into the earth that wiped out the dinosaurs. They gagged to death!! Been close a couple of times myself.