Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Island To Oneself In The Seychelles...

That's how it was in 1962 when Brendon Grimshaw, originally from Yorkshire in the UK, bought the tiny Seychelles island of Moyanne in the Indian Ocean.
There were four trees on the island and a handful, if you can have a handful, of indigenous giant tortoises living there.
Now of course, developers want to turn the island into a resort and have offered eighty six year old Brendon squillions of dollars but he's not selling and the island's been designated a National Park.
He's planted more than sixteen thousand trees over the years and now shares his idyllic island home with one hundred and twenty magnificent giant tortoises.
But none of them fly...

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  1. From Plunder To Wonder In One Hundred Years. The mantra of the next century. This man lives it.

  2. But they are nearly as cute (but not quite)!

  3. the second to last picture reminds me of a girl friend I had once. I'm back up and running!
    the rat

  4. Keith, that island is not intendet for Flying Tortoises ;-).

  5. Tortoises that fly! Wherever did you get that idea from?

  6. Hi Keith many thanks for popping bye my wee blog, so strange as we were just watching you on the tele only a few days ago, much love and light from us in the rusty wee tin can

    1. Good to have you aboard you Daft Wee Hermit. You were watching me on tele? Do tell...