Monday, May 28, 2012

Amazing Avant-Garde Architecture In China's Beijing...

After nearly eight years of construction with obscene costs estimated at US$1.8 billion, the 44 floor, CCTV headquarters with its five million square feet of floor space is now complete.
It's an amazing piece of design appearing to defy gravity and it will need to do more than that if and when it encounters some of the area's seismic activity.
The exciting building comprises two leaning towers connected by an innovative cantilever that seems to support itself.
I'm not sure if they used bamboo scaffolding for this amazing structure.
There's more about it here...

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  1. What a carbuncle!
    What a monument to TV !
    What a prospect if you are a window cleaner !

  2. Bluh....Don't think much of the aesthetics of that thing! Nothing distinctly chinese to it. Just another generic concrete/steel block. Used to be a time when each country/culture had distinctive styles, but no more it seems, more's the pity.

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