Sunday, May 13, 2012

Horst Faas' Images Continue To Haunt The World...

Horst Faas, acclaimed Associated Press photographer for fifty years has died aged 79.
The Pulitzer Prize winning photographer has been known internationally for his dramatic images of people, mostly the innocent, embroiled in the violence of the Vietnam War.
After that war and all the others, the atrocities are still happening.
The world is not a better place.
We've had years to look at these haunting images. It seems we haven't learned anything and unfortunately never will.
I think there will never be peace in this world.
In anybody's time.
But thankyou Mr Faas.
I hope the images have stopped haunting you now and you can rest in peace...

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  1. After your bright little blog yesterday, these photos really stopped me im ny tracks, what a brave man.

  2. These pictures had a profound impact back then and helped sway opinion and end the war.

    Unfortunately now days video games have made violence surreal and people aren't affected as much.

    A great loss.

    1. Video games are the result and not the cause. It is the easy excuse for all to use so that they do not share into the responsibility. It's video games, violence on tv and a bunch of other excuses for the erosion of values in our societies. The truth is, the solely responsible are we, the ones that leave the random comment and then go on doing the same things every day, without giving it a second thought.