Friday, May 25, 2012

The Time Is Now!

This is the watch for anyone who needs to know the precise time at any given instant.
For the person living in the moment...
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  1. I rather like that

  2. My wife must have one of those, because she says things need done NOW!!!!

  3. Hi Keith my friend , love this havent worn a watch for 20 plus years , you wanted to know aboot my book it about us living a simple life , some of my photography ,wee tales ( fiction) wee bit of poetry , i am writing about the 25 plus years on the road as well which will be included in the next living a simple life, i was daunted by the whole thing so decided to break it all down and go at that way , many people over the years have said i should do a wee book and this is my attempt, been really chuffed with the sales coming in already , anyway hope that helped a wee bit..

    here is the wee link to it