Saturday, May 19, 2012

Water Water Everywhere...

Water water everywhere.
Well that's what we think and would like to go on thinking. The fact is that there's very little water on the planet Earth as shown by this image created by the USGS. The United States Geological Survey team.
If all the earth's water, liquid, ice, fresh and saline, was put into a sphere, it would measure about 860 miles,1385 kilometres in diameter.
And not all that water is usuable.
Over 96% of it is saline water and of the fresh water that's left, most of it is ice at the North and South Poles or in the atmosphere.
It's a most precious resource.
Shower with a friend...
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  1. Hi friend. I'm on my way. Hope the water's hot!

  2. that is why I drink beer. Doing my part to save the planet