Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Tiny Trailer Home That's Big On Style, Form And Function...

I found the Tiny Tack House over at Kent Griswold's Tiny House Blog.
The story of Malissa and Christopher Tack and how and why they built their very practical tiny house.
Very much a traditional tiny house in the style of Jay Shafer's Tumbleweed homes, the owners particularly like the idea of complete independence, living off grid with only solar panels for their power supply, a generous amount of water in storage tanks and not having an albatross around their necks in the form of a thirty year mortgage.
They've put together a delightful blog of their tiny home planning, building and living experience.
It's worth a visit.
They are now looking forward to their future with the freedom a tiny house of only about 200sq feet gives them to live.
And living's what life's all about...

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  1. love the wood the pantry looks like they dont move very far

  2. Stunningly beautiful throughout. I'm partial to the wood look. I can't wait to live in a tiny house moving from location to location every so often.

    Mary in Michigan, USA

  3. Hi there, I'm a fellow kiwi and I love these tiny homes, but I can't find much info about them here. Do you know anyone in NZ who lives in one? I know they are really big in the the States but there doesn't seem to be much about them in NZ. Do you know how I would go about finding land to put rent to put one on in Auckland/NZ? I love them and want to build my own but don't know where to start here! Any ideas? :)

    1. Lilyisdancing, no I don't know anyone who's living in one styled like those US ones... maybe email me on theflyingtortoise@theflyingtortoise.com

    2. I'd love to know too Lilyisdancing! I am in rural Auk chained to a mortgage that I need shot of and would love to own a tiny house and/or one like the Tumbleweed houses in the US. I've been searching high and low but can't find anything similar here.

    3. Funny enough, just minutes ago a couple from Auckland emailed me telling me about the tiny home on wheels they've just built. I'm waiting for photos and more information and will be featuring it here. There's very few Tumbleweed style houses that I know of that have been built here so this is great news. Watch this space...