Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Very Tiny, Cute City Car...

It's a cross between a motorcycle and mini car.
Whatever it is, it's cute, has wonderful all round visibility and is ideal for city commuting.
Where it is, I don't know.
But the driver is wearing a face mask to prevent inhaling fumes and the passenger is wearing a crash helmet.
We live in fun but dangerous times...
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  1. reminds me of that little plastic egg that play dough used to come in about 50 years ago. I miss Buicks with a 2000 lb. front bumper. No seat belts, didn't need them. It was a tank! If you look up deathtrap in the dictionary the picture of this car is beside it.
    the rat

  2. Replies
    1. Quite so. "Fun but dangerous times".
      Aaronamouse :-)

  3. Simply has to be Japanese, wonder if it comes in 4-wheel drive...heehaw!

  4. Face mask and helmet, got it all covered.

  5. Omg! I like this so much!! I would love to own something like that.