Monday, May 14, 2012

Andrew Rogers' Amazing 'Rhythms Of Life' Sculptures Are Seen Around The Globe...

Andrew Rogers is a leading contemporary artist who's the creator of the world's largest
land art undertaking.
Titled 'Rhythms of Life', the project commenced in 1998 and at present comprises forty eight massive stone structures, they're called Geoglyphs, across thirteen countries on seven continents and have involved
more than 6,700 helpers.
These Geoglyphs range in size up to 40,000 sq metres and command worldwide attention.
Situated in the Arava Desert in Israel, the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Bolivian Altiplano, Kurunegala in Sri Lanka, Victoria in Australia, the Gobi Desert in China, Akureyri in Iceland, Rajasthan in India, Cappadocia in Turkey, Jomson and Pokhara in Nepal, Spissky and the High Tatras in Slovakia, the Mohave Desert in the US, near the Chyulo Hills in Kenya and in Antarctica near the Dakshin Ganotri Glacier.
Individually and together, these Geoglyphs form a unique set of drawings upon the Earth that stretch around the Globe connecting people with history and heritage.
You can see a video and learn more
about this amazing project here.
Thankfully the world's not all about money and greed...

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  1. These are amazing! I can just imagine archeologists in the distant future trying to figure out what the meaning of these are.

    Were they cultural, tributes to pagan gods, ancient astronomy, or left by some alien race?

    Hmmmm.... maybe this guy built pyramids, Stonehenge and such in a past life :p

  2. they are invited to my back yard, I got some rocks.